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Rental Period

All items are rented solely within and for The Creative Chateau clientele. We are currently not renting our items to outside vendors or clients. All item(s) are due back to The Chateau Closet by end of rental time. The item(s) can be rented for the additional time upon availability.

Payment must be made in full prior to rental. If payment is not made then the card on file will be automatically charged for the remaining balance.

*Clothing try-ons are available by appointment only Monday-Thursday and can be scheduled through our website under TCC Closet.

Reschedule Policy

There is a free one-time reschedule for your booking(s). You must notify within 24 hours of your rental date to reschedule. Once you have been notified, you have 24 hours to get back to us with a reschedule date to avoid losing the item fee.

Rental Policies

You agree to treat each item with great care. You are responsible for any loss, destruction, or damage to the item, including but not limited to theft, loss, fire, stains, or any other cause. If you return an item that is damaged, then you hereby authorize us to charge the card on file for the cost of replacing the item, as determined at our discretion, and up to the total value of the item.  Items may NOT be altered in any way from their original condition.


Return of Items, Cleaning, & Damages

   If the item is returned on time and in the same unchanged condition as when it was received, then there will be no additional charges other than the normal rental fee.

If the item is returned with minor stains, dirt, odor, etc., which can’t be removed by dry cleaning, then a fee of $40 will be assessed at the time of return for the cost of dry cleaning.  Please note that all decisions on what can be corrected by dry cleaning will be made solely by TCC Closet at the time of return. 

If an item is returned with any dirt or stains which cannot be removed by dry cleaning or if the item has damage such as tears, rips, damaged fasteners, or has been modified in any way, including but not limited to alterations, cutting, tape, iron-on bonding web for seams, etc. then the client agrees to cover the replacement cost of the item which can range up to $6,000.  Please note that all decisions on what can or cannot be corrected by dry cleaning and all decisions on what is considered damage above will be made solely by TCC Closet within 24 hours from the return of the item.